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Our highly skilled manual therapists combine traditional physical therapy techniques, alternative philosophies, and sound evidence-based research to decrease pain and restore normal motion and strength. We then focus on teaching the patient proper postures, body mechanics, and home exercises, while developing strategies to prevent re-occurrences.

We also offer additional services through Mackall Studio, Inc which specializes in post-physical therapy fitness and wellness:

  • Licensed massage therapy
  • Pilates
  • Gyrotonic through Mackall Studio, Inc. which specializes in post-physical therapy fitness and wellness.

As healthcare providers in the service industry of rehabilitation our goals, are to meet your goals. We want you to walk away every session feeling you were challenged or nurtured depending on the stage of your injury, from acute to chronic.

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We are neck and back specialist, treating a variety of conditions from herniated discs, spondylosis, spinal stenosis, acute facet dysfunction, scoliosis, spondylolesthesis, (DDD) degenerative disc disease, etc. We specialize in spinal dysfunction by performing a comprehensive functional assessment, using advanced manual skills to treat soft tissue and joint restriction, re-establish proper neuromuscular sequencing and advanced stabilization techniques. The final piece of the neck and back care is BET, or Back Education and Training, a comprehensive learning experience for the life long health and well-being of your spine.


Whether you have an acute injury or chronic condition, it is imperative to address postural issues. Without this very critical aspect of rehab you can continue to place your injured tissue through micro trauma, which is the slow, degenerative process which occurs with poor posture. We teach you at length, posture and mechanics which will reverse this micro trauma and allow each movement you make to be therapeutic in nature and not destructive.


Our dance/performance medicine physical therapists are experts at understanding the demands that dancers and performers place on their bodies from eight-hour rehearsals to eight shows a week performances.


Surgery has been defined as “controlled trauma produced by trained professional to correct uncontrolled trauma.” As you enter the rehab stage it is the physical therapists responsibility to have a clear understanding of the surgical procedure. We at FFPT, PC take pride in understanding each surgical procedure, including the surgeon’s perspective regarding rehab concerns. We utilized appropriate therapy guidelines and protocols in designing a comprehensive rehab program.


Our physical therapists are highly trained in analyzing gait and balance disturbances. We use advanced manual techniques of (PNF) proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation to challenge the patient during the stance and swing phrase. These principles originated by Maggie Knot, P.T. and Dr. Kabat back in the 1940’s and have been generously taught to us, the PT community by The Institute of Physical Art in Steamboat Springs, CO since 1978.

Our goal is for you to have the tools to analyze your own function, whether you are relatively sedentary, an elite athlete/dancer, weekend warrior or a gardener. Once you are taught and understand certain principles of gait and balance, then walking to the store or running a marathon becomes an intellectual, as well as a physical task.