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With over 21 years in business, our skilled physical therapists at Function First Physical Therapy Combine Functional Manual Therapy™ along with other evidence based practices to decrease pain and achieve optimal performance. Contact us today to get back to doing what you love | (212) 691-4833

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Contact Us Today To Get Back To What You Love |
(212) 691-4833

Read What Our Patients Have To Say

  • Richard L. Joe help me walk (and run) again! Im a fit 31 year old male who had a skiing accident at the beginning of 2022. Ruptured my right patella tendon, severing the vertical tendon from the kneecap.
  • Lois B. Ryan White is an intuitive and compassionate physical therapist who not only helped my correct my issue, but equipped me to be more physically sound going forward. Exceptional experience. Joe runs a great practice. Good tunes too.
  • Lisa H. Professional, empathetic, efficient and kind.
  • Debbie A. PT was something I thought I'd never do, ever. Most people from what I've heard, never enjoyed it. It was a chore. People were told do this, do that and walk away.
  • Emilie C. Function First provides excellent physical therapy services in a pleasant loft setting in Manhattan's Chelsea district. Over a four year period I have received excellent treatment there from Ryan White, Joe Spallone, and Diane Richmond...
  • Karen S. The best physical therspists who give the best home exercises which prevented me from having surgery. I hsve sent many friends hete and they all have thanked me.
  • Laura W. Address problem with senitivity and intelligence.
  • Barbara C. After 2 years of pain and then surgery function first has has helped me to regain some of the confidence I’ve lost when I lost the ability to get around as much anymore...
  • Jason K. FFPT is terrific! Scheduling and billing are seamless, Joe gives a full 30 minutes of hands on attention followed up by teaching rehab exercises and will keep a watchful eye to make any necessary adjustments...
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