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  • N.S. Brooklyn, NY

    My overall experience @ Function First Physical Therapy was exceptional. Rob displays a thorough understanding of movement and function as well as issues unique to runners and running. Definitely the most targeted and complete treatment plan in all my years of sport related injuries. I do not believe this issue will recur if I consistently perform my ‘home exercise program’. I am extremely pleased with my ideal outcome as Rob had promised from the initial visit. Will definitely recommend to family, friends and MD.
  • Stanley NY, NY

    I have had the privilege of working with Joe off and on over the past 6 years for various injuries from shoulder surgery, knee pain from a meniscal tear,low back pain and and neck pain. Joe is truly extraordinary and I consider him much more then a physical therapist, he is a master of the body and movement. He had enabled me to understand the ways in which my body works and move as efficiently as possible , while essentially eliminating pain. He is extremely sensitive and empathetic. I cannot emphasize how much Joe has helped reshape my life, my golf game, and subsequently, my future.
  • S.M.

    My experience at Function First Physical Therapy was ‘great’. I finally understand that everything I do, from standing to sitting, effects the pain in my low back region. I am much more conscious of my actions to prevent any reoccurance and have been thoroughly retrained in how I move, lift and bend. I would definitely recommend FFPT to my friends and family.
  • L.P. NY, NY

    I had an exceptional experience at Function First PT and resolved my knee issues post surgery 99.5% Having seen lots of PT’s over the years, starting in high school, and the NY area, this was by far the best care and most personalized experience. They addressed not just the pain/injury but the bigger picture of correction/prevention. Also handled the emotional challenge that is natural, given the ups and downs of post surgical recovery. Really a successful, positive experience.
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Our skilled physical therapists combine Functional Manual Therapy™ along with other evidence-based practices to decrease pain and to achieve optimal performance.

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